Organizing, Managing, Communicating and Leveraging Information and Knowledge to Support and Deliver CRP Results: A hands-on Workshop on Approaches, Tools, Systems and Services

Addis Ababa, 17-20 October 2012
Co-organized by IWMI/Water, Land & Ecosystems and ILRI/Livestock & Fish
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Building block 'Assessing communication, information and knowledge work: approaches, indicators and metrics'

Led/facilitated by Ewen Le Borgne and Marina Alpgar.


Background presentations:

Other information and materials:


  • To take stock of where we are with monitoring/assessing/learning from knowledge/information management and communication work (referred to here as 'knowledge work');
  • To map out promising areas and question areas;
  • To develop a collective approach around principles and pillars to monitor/evaluate our knowledge work to inform CRP work, leaving some flexibility for each CRP to tailor this approach where needed.

Session design

  • (15 min) Short presentations about key questions around KM&E;
  • (20 min) Small (facilitated/documented) storytelling circles about existing blocks and activities to monitor knowledge work: what is your role in M&E (of comms/KM), what are you currently doing, what are you missing (what are your questions) - drawing out key experiences: Well established activities, promising tracks, daunting gaps...
  • (10 min) Consolidating that list in plenary.
  • (50 min) World cafe (each table discussing the same questions in the same order but groups moving from a table to the next to change convo dynamics in 20+15+15) on:
    • What would be be important or interesting areas to understand/monitor/promote our knowledge work?
    • What might be interesting approaches, metrics and indicators to assess knowledge work?
    • How does the M&E of comms / KM (e.g. social media) contribute to understanding what impact we are having (with our research)?
  • (20 min) Consolidation of these outputs to distil pillars and principles.
  • (10 min) Summary and ways forward: when do we report to each other (brief online discussion?) and what do we do about remaining questions?
Someone else to keep track of time but Ewen.


  • Clear overview of where L&F and AAS and possibly other CRPs or projects are with monitoring knowledge work;
  • Clear and agreed set of principles and pillars (monitoring areas) for developing KM&E approach for CRPs;
  • Clear set of remaining questions and road map to answer these.