Day 1- Wednesday

Individual CRP meetings
Setting the state: fish bowl
What do we have to offer? (Presentations, Bus stops)
UNderstanding the new context (Presentation, World Cafe)
Evening Social Event

Activity 1: Fish Bowl

- Focus area in the middle
- Outside (observatory area)

Setting the stage:
What is this workshop all about?>
Why are we here?
What happened last year?
What does KMC mean and what does it mean to everybody?

What is this workshop all about?

Fish bowl:
New architecture for KMC in the CRPs
'Blurred Boundaries"
Tools and approaches
Connect the dots
KMC roles- ours and others
How making a difference
Capacity building- ourselves and others

Discussion generated within the fishbowl:

Last year's meeting focused on the building blocks, hands-on tools and general approaches.
It would be useful to have a mechanism to engage people beyond this

Behavior change:
Not in silos anymore
Build the capacities of wider communities
How can we make sure that we are active, sharing knowledge and more supportive of each other?

How do we develop the capacities of the communities that we work in? How can we bring our skills to those leves and have direct impact on IDOs?
Communication is no longer about researchers giving their knowledge to uneducated masses
Its about 2 way communication; learning and interaction
How do we create engagement processes so that products are more attuned to what people need?
Product development/packaging in a participatory manner

Communication teams need to work closely with researchers

How do we get the collaboration processes working and what can we do to make it easier?

Communications and KM needs to be integrated rather than being perceived as a "supporting" mechanism to research

We need to learn from what is happening outside our circles. Impact pathways have been around for decades but are new to the CGIAR.
There needs to be a combination of technology and behaviour change
Bring those who are outside of our normal sphere of operation; bring those people into our discussions

With the current CGIAR reform, the focus has changed. Researchers need to focus more on impact rather than publishing. Has the CGIAR come to terms with this?
Develop new partnerships with a range of new actors who can take things upto scale

The issue sometimes is moreso with regards to internal communications. We need more harmonization with regards to keywords and taxonomies.
How do we change the system of how science relates to the other targets?
When we start developing impact pathways we need to integrate the communicators as part of the process.

Key points raised:
Possible less peer-reviewed articles- more about engineering change
Research on Communication
Support researchers
Tell people what we are doing, coordinating and connecting
Two-way communication
Bring in the voices of the farmers
Work in an integrated way between science-comms-km
Supporting vs. working together
Need KMC involvement

Wrap up of fish bowl:
Last year- tools and approach
This year we take it a step further and see how it can be embedded/ used in a system that is trying to generate knowledge in order to have impact
What do we mean by kmc? Diversity of ideas about that. People are coming together around the idea that it’s more of a spectrum that needs to be harmonized towards our goals