Organizing, Managing, Communicating and Leveraging Information and Knowledge to Support and Deliver CRP Results: A hands-on Workshop on Approaches, Tools, Systems and Services

Addis Ababa, 17-20 October 2012
Co-organized by IWMI/Water, Land & Ecosystems and ILRI/Livestock & Fish
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Building block session: Communication, knowledge, information competencies and skills - job descriptions for CRPs

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Q: What is the unique value proposition of this building block/ Why do we need this for our CRPs?
- we need this to identify our roles within the CRP because often the capacity that's available isn't clear to us.
- this is needed so that we can bring comms and km to a strategic mgt level
- often we are unsure about the strategy and we miss out on critical debates as a result

Q: Who is already doing some work around this, how, with what success?
WLE - use of wiki
  • Examples given of how we've used the wiki and used it to reach and show researchers how this can be used as an important tool (through WLE inception workshops)
note: it is important to develop a tool along with research staff rather than try to impose something on them.
  • You need to show through example. Stefanie (FAO): involve users in the development of the tool.
    • assess needs (face to face, surveys etc.)

- Infographics- Holly talked about the reach and use of this at worldfish (livestock and fish and AAS)
  • the use of infographics to sell the comms know how that was available to research staff
    • One of the challenges identified here was how to make your tools more practical?
    • One possible way forward here would be to identify your research champions
Q: What are principles/ critical success factors/ interventions/ actions needed to take advantage of this BB?
  • Tapping into existing networks
  • making tools more practical
  • empowering researchers to take up and use these tools
  • recognizing that there are a different set of skills needed at different phases of the process
  • the power of networks from an individual to an organizational level
  • leveraging skills and responsibilities across centers
  • identifying the right skills that are needed
  • developing a set of priorities/ objectives

What were the main discussion points?
- identifying roles within the crp
- trying to harness the power of networks
- how do we prioritize?
- recognition/ development of the comms strategy from the management level

What gaps remain and what will be done about it?
- we need to know what needs to be done before we identify the skills that are needed
- next steps:
  • develop a decision support infographic on the type of comms/km skills that might help decide which types of competencies we need to invest in.

Next steps:

Nov 30th: Holly and Martina to flush out each of the areas sketched out by Ewen.
- Select relevant icons
- next hangout scheduled for Dec 10th